[H] 400+ Warrior LF raiding guild, m+, the goodies


Hi there!
Currently on Ragnaros but willing to transfer if the fit is right!

I’m a 400+ iLvl DPS warrior ( I do some tanking but not really ), currently Fury.
Got both Curves this expansion but sadly no mythic experience, pretty hard to get any mythic experience without a guild so i’m in that transition phase and looking for someone to take me in :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a semi-serious guild to join, I play about every day and can fit raids in the evening.

Raids, m+, whatever… I’m down :slight_smile:



Hello there we are a group of 4 players looking for another one for creating our own raiding guild

Im looking for high motivated people help me recruit and start raiding ASAP.

Server and faction willl be decided after i gathered enough people

VERY IMPORTANT: raid times will be from 21:00 or 21:30 till 24:00 SVT so contact me if are interest to raid with these times.

If i got you interested you can add me #gnappy2181(bnet) or #murthag6614 (Discord)


Hey there, Crysipt on Kazzak is a guild of mostly returning players that is into a wide variety of activities on a daily base.

We are an active guild that enjoys the game while actively recruiting more players to prog Mythic!

Raids are from 20:30 to 23:00!

Add me on bnet for a chat if you are interested! Mav#2741


Hello there fellow horde, is a 6/9 mythic 2/2 heroic raiding guild who are looking to expand our roster with all kinds of players, we’re currently looking for a warrior as it just so happens. If you are looking to join a guild who can help you transition into mythic raiding then we might be the guild for you. We currently have 2 co-raid leaders and a number of officers who will monitor your progress and provide you with any knowledge/resources you need to improve. Should you be interested in joining us, message me on discord lhollinrake97#6399, I look forward to hearing from you.


Hey added you to have a chat :slight_smile:


Hello there i added you to have a chat.
You might be a good fit for our guild :wink:


feel free to gimme a shout if you havent found a guild that fits your needs yet.
we are 5/9m and looking for a fury warrior.