[H] 414 Havoc DH LF Mythic progression


Hi there!

This is my first expansion exploring any sort of high end content.

Achieved AOTC in both tiers with the standard first boss clear. Im finding this to be extremely limiting and boring and i want to take my skillset to the next level.

I feel i adapt quickly to what is going on around me and have achieved 1.6k io in my first season on DH which im sure will only increase. Whilst M+ is a different skill set to raiding i feel it does have some cross overs.

What i can bring -
Ability to concentrate for long periods of time
Mechanically strong player
Ability to adapt and overcome to ever changing situations.
Ability to listen and take criticism and use it in a positive manner.

Im also a pretty fun guy and i think im fun to be around!

Im 26 and UK based. Flexible on availability however wednesdays can sometimes be an issue.

I know im probably not the most attractive offer you may have out there but i feel i will become a solid and strong member of the team extremely quickly. Currently in a 8/9m guild but only as a social my friend is part of the raiding team but i dont want to apply as i wouldnt feel like i earnt the kills if i were to be accepted. Hope this sheds some light on my desire to achieve these goals myself.

Battle tag - Tokran#21547
Discord - Elshak#6974

Any more questions or any more information required please dont hesitate to ask, I look forward to hearing from you :smiley:

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