[H] 475 Holy Pala LF home (3/12M)

Hello everyone! My name is Teq. I’ve played WoW since the end of Vanilla in a variety of roles, raiding every tier as raid leader/GM of my guild. Sadly due to some IRL troubles, we disbanded during our mythic BoD progress and I took some time away from the game. I’m now back as a holy paladin and searching for a guild to complete mythic Ny’alotha with!

Given that my realm is somewhat dead, I’m happy to transfer for the right guild. I’m currently 3/12M (pugging is not a great time) and approaching 3k rio score in m+.

I’m available for raiding Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday as my current work schedule permits however during winter I am super limited with when I’m free - but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

Give me a shout on discord (Teq#7118) or bnet (Teq#2183) if you’re interested!