[H] 9/10 HC Semi-casual guild LF DH and Warrior

“Belligerent” 9/10 (HC) is a chill guild. And when I say chill, I mean it. We barely bench anyone, we’re not tryharding, we’re not asking 100% attendance, we’re not asking for achievements or FOTM specs. We do ask for a good attitude, a wipeproof personality, ability to take a joke and to throw one back.


We talk crap on Discord, we have fun, but most importantly - we get things done.




Wed-Mon, 8-11 pm. We also do M+ runs and Arenas during down time.


  • The guild language is English, so we will expect you to at least understand what we’re saying to you

  • You need to have your flasks, food, potions for every raid.

  • 190+ is the lowest required ilvl for the raid

  • Attend most of the raids during progression and perform well. However if you have real-life issues, there’s nothing wrong to skip some days, we’re all only human beings after all.



  • Demon Hunter (Havoc)

  • Warrior (Arms/Fury)

Mid priority:

  • Warlock (affliction)

  • Mage (fire)

  • Shaman (elemental)

Low priority:

  • Druid (balance)

™Applications&Other info:

We use Discord and it is mandatory to join the server, since most of the announcements are there.

So if you’re interested feel free to contact me or the officers in the game or Discord:

BattleNet: HoGaroni#2295

Discord: Dolzur#0899

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