[H] 9/12M - Draenor - Second Dream

Second Dream is a new guild that was founded at the end of Eternal Palace. Nyalotha is the first tier as a new guild, with the aim of world 200-400 in Nyalotha, and improving from there for Shadowlands.

Recruitment status
We are currently actively recruiting exceptional players to improve the roster. If you think you will be better than current raiders, please contact one of the officers listed at the bottom.

Raid Times :

  • Wednesday (19:00 -22:30)

  • Thursday (19:00 -22:30)

  • Monday (19:00 - 22:30)

Invites start 30 minutes before the above listed times, at which point we start doing trash. You are expected to be inside the raid and ready to pull bosses at the times listed above, not log on at the times above.

at the start of progress we will do days 5 days including saturday and Sunday This will usually happen after about 1 month of mythic, but this decision is made as a group, so it might happen sooner or later.

When progress is over we will drop raid days to the minimum to clear the raid. (usually 1 raid of ~2 hours)

What we Require

  • 90% or higher Attendance

  • A good attitude towards progress

  • A drive to always focus on improving

  • We do not currently require alts, but this might change for Shadowlands (It will depend on how alt friendly Shadowlands is, if it similar to BfA we will not require an alt)

We use RC Loot Council to distribute loot for the best of progression.

Contact / Applying
Please add:

  • on bnet if you have any questions or if you are interested in joining