[H][A] 381 DK LF a Weekend, Afternoon or Early Evening Raid Guild



I currently main a 381 Frost/Unholy (can swap to Blood) Death Knight on Draenor-EU. I’m looking for a mythic raiding guild that raids either on:

  • Weekends (any time)
  • Afternoon (weekdays)
  • Early Evening (weekdays)
    ^ Server time (CET).
    Due to my work shift, I can only raid at the above mentioned times/days since I go to work at 19:30 server time on Weekdays.
    I am open to Faction / Server change if necessary.

I can also raid on my Warrior, Paladin (needs faction change, currently alliance), both currently ~374 ilv, can tank or dps on both.

Can’t link logs here due to forum policy.

If you’re in need/want of a DK/Warr/Paladin dps/tank, feel free to reach out:
Btag - Sykretts#1919
Or pm me in-game on any of my characters
Sykretts - DK
Zarvel - Warrior
Ryznshyn - Paladin