[H/A] Dps warrior lf a mythic guild



As the thread title says, I am looking for a pve guild that raids mythic at a 2d/week schedule. Language wise I am fine with swedish or english guilds.

I can play any day of the week at most times. I have no problems with moving servers if trial needs to be taken there.

I got back to wow after a break in october. I quit the game because most of the people I knew were burned out and I had trouble finding a guild, so my progress in Uldir isn’t the best. But I have farmed my ilvl up. Current ilvl is at 380 and my HoA is 35, almost 36. Plan to bring it closer to 37 before the release of Battle for Dazar’Alor.

If you wish to know my previous experience throughout all of world of warcraft or more than I have written here please do reply to this thread or add me on bnet: Saltx#21137.

(Spikeyshard) #2

Hi there Saltx,

You are slightly under the requirements of what we would normally accept. However, if you are going to stick around and are dedicated to continue to put a lot of effort into your performance and character then let’s have a chat.

The Exiles are a 5/8M 2 day Horde raiding guild based on Shadowsong.

What we put the most priority is on having as much fun as possible with the game and each other while also trying to progress as far as we can as a raiding guild. You can read more about us on WoWProgress and if you think we would be a good fit then please get in contact. If not then good luck in your search for a new home,