[H]AeoN - Casual guild for casuals/mature

(Spirithoof) #81
Hey Jack,

Hopefully I won't forget to add you (I have a bad memory)
But anytime you come on, add me up and we'll talk it out.

Have fun mate,
31/10/2018 10:54Posted by Jackabok
Awesome post right there :) recently made an Orc Shaman in Tarren Mill which I really seem to enjoy and actually made me gave up on my ally mains... Would love to have a chat soon. I will send you a message after work (around 19:00 server time) but please if you have a look at this post first give me a shout at Jackabok#2972 .

(Heerö) #82
Bump :)

(Spirithoof) #83
we're growing nicely!
More casuals !

(Freakyness) #84
Let's make wow great again! Casuals for the win!

(Spirithoof) #85
Wow is great if you have the right people to have fun with and chill :)
08/11/2018 10:53Posted by Freakyness
Let's make wow great again! Casuals for the win!

(Freakyness) #86
08/11/2018 13:22Posted by Spirithoof
Wow is great if you have the right people to have fun with and chill :)
08/11/2018 10:53Posted by Freakyness
Let's make wow great again! Casuals for the win!

Making this slacking pleb feel appreciated right about now:)

(Remash) #87
I'll contact you the moment i get online tonight. This is what i have been looking for since i got back in WoW!

(Nephewj) #88
This sounds great
i´ve sent a friend request to talk more about it

(Spirithoof) #89
Welcome on board Nephewj! :)
Rem, hit me up on bnet and we can talk it out :)


(Yossarrian) #90

Hey there! Me and my friends gave it a try in trying to establish a fresh casual guild, but growing and expanding appeared to be a little harder than we expected.

So the question is, could we maybe find a nice harbor at your guild?

We are a group of around 8-9 people who would be interrested in joining your ranks. I understand that adopting such a big chunk of people tied together might be a risky move from your perspective, but I can assure you that all of us are mature guys around our 30’s who just want to enjoy a bigger community that is drama free.

Most of us are sticking with this game since vanilla, with some having played cutting edge level for quite some time. Now we’re just taking it all slow with no higher aspirations than to run some m+ keys and clear HC tier of each raid and most importantly - do it with some friendly mates.

Some of us already cleared 8/8 HC this tiers, others are on 7/8. We run weekly m+ keys trying to push as high as we can and now with most of us having experience up to 13+ on time.

We’d love to join up to you guys, because what keeps us at this game is it’s social part. We’re all chatty and use various VO’s on regular basis. We also don’t expect any privileges considering our group size. No one here cares about being in control or ranks!

If that sounds interresting to you, please give me a sign.


Hey Yossarian,

I’ve given your situation a long thought.
While it is very tempting to have +9 HC raiders in our ranks, you are right it is a risk.
It appears your aspirations are way higher than ours.
Although we do raid on wednesdays, we’re not aspiring to clear HC. Actually, we don’t aspire to any kind of progression.
We do stuff if there’s enough interest but we also try to not leave anyone behind who would like to come raiding.
We do not want anybody to feel “oh, that group of X players is raiding HC and I don’t have 360+ ilvl so I can’t join”.
Talking from experience, I know this would lead to friction.

With that in mind, I thank you for your interest and wish you good luck in your search for a like-minded guild.


(Spirithoof) #92

We’re still looking for cool, mature casuals :wink:


I just came back to the game yesterday, I tried to play BFA when it launched and started raiding but I ended up getting very busy and couldn’t commit to a rigid time table to raid.

I’ve started a new DH and will probably level some more characters and dabble a bit with BFA but just want to just do some exploring, farming, helping people and some other random stuff and treat the game differently to how I have in the past.

Be good to have some fun and hang about with some people when I’m online and I think your guild will suit me perfectly :blush:

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Hey Erathia,
Hope I’m not wrong, but I love the reference to the Heroes 3 franchise :smiley:

Add me on bnet and we can talk it.


(Spirithoof) #95

Up :slight_smile:


Hey! Been playing WoW for a long time now but these days I haven’t got the time to be playing too regularly or committing to any tight schedules. With that said it would be really nice to be in a guild which is still fairly active and has it’s own little community whilst staying flexible so this guild seems like a great fit!

(Spirithoof) #97

Hey Konn,

Awesome to hear it!
Add me up on bnet and we can talk it over :slight_smile:
Have fun!


Just the guild I need right now :slight_smile: I recently transfered my demon hunter to this realm and I am looking for a casual horde guild to join.
I’m 32 years old, located in the Netherlands and got no time anymore for fulltime wow :wink: (which I did in vanilla and tbc).
I’v send you a friend-request on battle.net

Greetings, Scruggs

(Spiritbull) #99

Ah, the good old tbc days eh? :slight_smile:
We’ve all been there :smiley:

Whisper me on bnet whenever and we can talk it out

(Freakyness) #100

Bumpety bump bump