[H]AeoN - Casual guild for casuals/mature


Hey are you guys recruiting holy/shadow priest? Itm lvl 377

And do you have weekly raids or any guys that do rated arenas?


Im interested to join your guild if you still are accepting people.
Im 36 years old from sweden and have been playing on and off since Vanilla.
I still have my main on dentarg but on alliance side .
I raided vanilla ,tbc and Wotlk content on dentarg in a guild called Nymphs.
A fantastic time but sadly most of the people that i played with have been inactive for years.
Now when i started playing again i have mostly spent my time leveling some characters to 120 . So far a Hunter, Dk , Druid and a Pala .
My plan if you have spots open is to transfer my druid over to Dentarg were i have my old main , and also faction change that character and get him through all content i have missed since i took a break after Wotlk.
I mostly do dungeons and world content since i dont have the time for full time raiding.
I added you on Bnet (I think i did atleast. im not used to The Bnet system) Melgrum#2341


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Hey Nome,

We “try” to go raiding once a week, but it is not our focus to do any progression.
If it happens it happens and if not, that’s ok with us too :slight_smile:
I cannot tell you about the rated thing :slight_smile:


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Hey Ost,

We are always open to cool mature casuals.
Most of us have the same profile as you so whenever we cross roads online, let’s talk it out :slight_smile:



Hey there friendly bunch!

As a retired veteran raider, I would love to have a talk with you on Battlenet about maybe joining your guild?
I’ve sended you an invatation! Hope to hear from you :slight_smile:

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Rock on Billy!

Hope we can sync soon on bnet and talk it out :slight_smile:

Happy holidays everyone!


Good day everyone,

you guys look like the guild i was looking for all my wow life, a place to stay and have fun with. Im 29 from Poland and im a legion baby ( yes started playing wow in legion 7.1.5 i think), im a casual in hearth and soul. I dont see myself raiding anything pass normal that i will do only for transmog. I like doing m+ but i havent done any since legion… ( healer main ).

Sooo if you still have a spot for a casual monk hit me up on Bnet Skailler#2591.

Take Care and happy new year to all of you

ps. sorry for the typos if there are any since english is not my first language


added you also hoping to catch you soon :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m from Poland, I returned to WoW recently after a long break and I’m looking for nice and mature guild to start normal raiding and mythic dungeons (I’m still learning mechanics though :wink: ) and to chat with.
I’m 28, available at weekends and weekdays on evenings.
My nick in game is “Kantorius”, Shadow Priest ilvl 337


Hey Skai, Hay and Pey.

Apologies for not replying to you earlier.
I am currently traveling and am unable to log into wow.
I should be on starting Friday of Saturday so please give me a shout on bnet sometime after that :slight_smile:

Hope to hear from you,


We’re still open for mature casuals :slight_smile: !

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shameless bump


hello I am looking for a new guild I have just recently joined back to game after leaving at start of bfa and looking for more a casual aspect to the game and wanting to play horde I would be interested in joining TM feel free to add me on bnet blue#23614

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still open for cool casuals! :slight_smile:


Hello guys, your guild seems like a perfect place for me. I would like to join if you are still open.

I have recently got back to the game, after 2 year break, and started a Warlock. I usually can play when child is sleeping :slight_smile:


Responding from correct avatar …

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Hey @valkyan
Awesome to hear it :slight_smile:
If you think our way is suitable, add me up on bnet, you have the info in the initial post.
Cheers mate :slight_smile:

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Hi, I started playing wow 4 months ago as a very casual player my better half raids 3 days a week and has done for 5/6 years i like the look of raiding over other end game content and wondered if you would consider giving me a trial?

I’m 29 , have a brain, from the uk and looking for a group of decent people who wont get mad if i feck something up

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Hey Rusty,

Even though we try our best to raid once a week, we do not guarantee any raiding will happen.
If there’s enough people interested we go for it, otherwise it’s no biggie :slight_smile:
Basically we are far from being a raiding guild :slight_smile:

Add me up on bnet if you think a casual guild might suit you.


Hi! This guild sounds perfect. I’ve been searching for so long. I somehow always manage to catch you offline =(