[H]AeoN - Casual guild for casuals/mature



My friend and I recently transferred to Tarren Mill from Draenor after our casual non-raiding guild we had been in for years, fell apart just after BFA launched, as most members quit the game (luckily we made some good friends IRL out of that little family though!). We have since kind of chilled out within our own little 2 person guild, but find it lacks the social element we had gotten used to, and we enormously miss this aspect of the game.

It has been really hard for us to find any recruitment for guilds who merely dabble in raiding, allowing one to dip in and out as and when…so finding your post here has been a revelation to see! We both enjoy raiding, but we cannot commit to it indefinitely every week due to shift work and general health issues across both our cases.

We are both in our early 30’s, with age 25 becoming a fading memory of old, a bit like needing a pencil to tighten a music tape back up when the cassette player ate it up! :rofl:

Hopefully will be able to drop a better line soon with you soon through Battlenet, as I will add you in a few when I go into the game, so we can have a proper chat, though sadly, without a cup of tea, as Battlenet doesn’t seem to provision for that!

In case you need, my Bnet is Farhago#2288 and my friend is Faelfain#2730

Ciao, many thanks for reading, and good health!

(Warshield) #145

Awesome to read such a great intro.
Hit me up on bnet and we can talk it out Keldakk.


Always on the lookout for more members who fit our ethos!
And cake…
…always need more cake.

(Freakyness) #147

Are you alone in Azeroth? Join Aeon, we are not a cult… we promise!

And clearly we got cake…


I have recently come back to the game. And looking for a new community to join. I sometimes play alot, sometimes less. Depends on work, family and so on. I am 39, and have been playing this game more or less since Vanilla Beta. So have been a long ride. I miss to have someone to say hi to when logging in, and fellow players to do dungeons with. I hate that when you do dungeons, ppl not even have the time to say hi. But just want to make the run done, and move on.

Do you have many online and is your community active? And lastly offcourse, do you have room for one more.

(Warshield) #149

Hey Pump,

Welcome back to the game buddy!
I couldn’t say exactly how many we have online.
Especially considering the casual nature of our guild, sometimes there’s 10 of online and some others there’s nobody.
It’s up to everyone to make the guild their home but I think that you can find someone to exchange a couple of words with :slight_smile:

We don’t give any kind of guarantees, but if you want a mature environment, without the kids and epeen, we can guarantee that.

If you still are interested, hit me up on battlenet.



Still open for cool mature casuals!

(Freakyness) #151

Take that…bump!


I’m in if you want me, added you on bnet Cruce#2284.


Hey Cruce, please add Vasoli-Tarren Mill and talk it out with him as currently I am traveling.


Thank you very much, I will try that :slight_smile:

(Freakyness) #156

We are watching, always watching… for new casuals to join our ranks.


Ahahaha, that’s the spirit Freaky!
But he’s right!
Always open for cool casuals!


We are still here, always looking for cool casuals!

(Warspike) #159

Still looking for cool casuals!


We’re still here!


Come on casuals 8.2 is AWESOME!


Still looking for casuals!
We’re still growing, slowly but steadily


Hi! I would love to join this guild. Although I am not 25, (22), i am looking for a casual guild, mostly for a sense of community and to run mythic + with and some PvP, raiding would just be a plus.

Do i still need to contact the the bnet from the original post?



Hey Remmy,
We’re glad for your interest in our community.

Yes, you need to contact that bnet id :slight_smile: