[H] <After All> recruitment

Hello Ragnaros people to -After All- recruitment page.

Who are we? We are a group of people who joined together from previous guilds and old friends as well as new to create a Guild where we could feel is us, bear in mind this is a very fresh guild under construction. We have a active guild discord where many of us sit and chat and play together be it M+ or in general, we don’t just come on for raids. At the moment we are heroic progressing and trying to create a good solid team for future venturing.

Our aim is to get as far as we can with a nice chill but still focused group of people where we all see each other as friends, not just random people who come on now and then.

Our raid times are Thursday & Sunday 19:30-22:30.

At the current time we are in need of as mentioned below :
Tank, DPS and Healer to fill the roster more and push the forward!

Any one is of course welcome to apply, socials are also welcome. People who just enjoy doing M+ keys and want a chill place to chat with at the same time are also welcome to apply.

Contact : Tiaz, Alluviana, Snause or Herbadon if you have any questions or write below in the thread!


Bump bump bump.

Pssst Tiaz come to us! ;p

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8/10 now :))

After all merged with Amity, check them out

10/10HC ~ and 1/10Mythic. Now recruiting a Main Tank and some DPS to start Mythic Raiding. Find us here; H <Amity> [EU-RAGNAROS] recruiting for Mythic! [10/10HC] - [1/10 Mythic]

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