[H] <Apostles> Social | M+ | Mythic (8/10) & Heroic

Draenor EU

Castle Nathria
Heroic: Clear
Mythic: 8/10

Raid Information:

We run 3 raid teams within the guild.

Our Mythic Progression roster raids Thursday, Sunday & Tuesday at 20:30 server time and is applied to via an application process. Last tier we ended Mythic 11/12 and we’re hoping to hit CE this tier. Our Mythic Roster is currently looking for Ranged DPS specifically Boomkins, Warlocks, Spriests and Elemental Shaman. We are also recruiting 1 Healer (Pref Shaman, all are considered) However we are reviewing all applicants and also operate a waiting list policy as people come and go, being a guild accomodating to IRL commitments.

Our second team, focused on pushing for Ahead of the Curve (10/10 currently) and dabbling a little in mythic in the future raids on Thursday 20:30 & Sunday 19:00 and is currently looking for 2 Melee DPS (Demon Hunter pref), 1 Ranged DPS (Hunter Pref) & a Holy or Discipline Priest or DPS-Heal flex and will consider all applicants.

Our Social raids run on Saturday & Monday 20:30 Server Time and is open to everyone to raid purely for fun in a relaxed, pressure free enviroment . Currently clearing normal and dabbling in some heroic - alts welcome. We could really use All roles to join our social ranks and we always welcome more social players outside of raiding too!


We are looking to expand on our current Mythic+ roster too, as we have guys & gals pushing keys each week ranging anywhere from 500-2.2k RIO. We also have a system in place for getting everyone at least 1x14 keystone for their vault each week. So if you want to Mythic+ in a relaxed enviroment on evenings/late nights and weekends, either seperate or alongside raiding, hit us up. Currently accepting all classes and roles, and especially Tanks and Flex-Tanks


As a community we’ve played various games over our lifespan. Come Legion launch we threw ourselves into WoW, becoming a established Social & Heroic Raid guild - and in BFA we progressed from a stricly Heroic guild at 8.0 to narrowly missing out on CE in 8.3. Now here we are again for SL, leading to a guild working the content at our own pace and having a good time while doing so.

We’re a Drama-free Curve & Mythic raid guild, putting social, fun and banter first, a lot of us are now ex-hardcore raiders who’ve got older and settled down a little with families & jobs to worry about. With that comes raider mindset, with a relaxed attitude - the perfect combo! We’re strictly adult-only (As we love beer and drunken Saturday nights) with probably an average age range of 25-35+ from all over the world.

We have a large member count and are among the most active guilds on Draenor. We run bi-weekly RBG events among various other social events such as timewalking raids and transmog runs from time to time also

There are a lot of people who use Discord socially when they’re online, leading to an active voice comms, if you’re into that. For chilling, grouping or just banter!

There is also a community aspect to Apostles, with members over the 9 years all playing different games also! So if on the side you’d be interested in people to play other games such as WoW Classic, Black Desert Online, Overwatch, PUBG etc, with Weekend multiplayer events and more.

So if you wanna join the family and be a part of us growing to become a successful guild again in yet another game/expansion, then hit us up below.

How to contact us

If you’re interested in joining or hearing more information about Apostles, then hit us up on the contacts below in-game/battlenet or in Discord:

Nordman#21511 — NordmaN#9238
Earane#1990 — Baby#2627
Sirelias#2106 — Darksunlight#0486
Vulpis#21837 — Vulpis#5613
RainingTea#2893 — RainingTea#1337
Musty#21311 — Musty#6081
Genmali#2712 — Genmali#3363

We look forward to hearing from you!


Still looking for more social ppl to join for the social raids. We clear usually normal on Saturday and dable some HC on Monday!

Will contact any officer in game

Did you get sorted buddy?

And we’re still looking for All roles for our current social roster, and one or two specific classes for our curve team roster, so if you want some casual raiding centred around the weekends and a active guild please hit us up! :slight_smile:

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Our Social Team is going to Start going into HC Castel Nathria, If this might be something to dable in, you’re welcome to join us!

We are still open to all social members just for chilling or some laid back social raiding and M+ - if you want a large adult enviroment with a busy discord and ssytems in place for both raiding and M+, hit us up!

Also our Curve team is looking for DPS applicants and priest healer!

Still hunting for people to join the teams and especially to join us as socials :slight_smile:

Looking for Socials and Curve-Team is still looking for DPS and a Healer (pref. Priest).

Updated Progress!

We are still looking for all roles, inculding DPS for social raids and Mythic +!! If looking for somewhere chill and laid back, with a good social core and much banter on Discord - hit us up!

Opportunity is there for our Curve team and exceptional applicants to Mythic team considered.

Our Mythic Roster is recruiting and currently looking for Ranged DPS specifically Boomkins, Warlocks, Spriests and Elemental Shaman.

Our Curve Team roster is currently recruiting and is looking for:
2 Melee DPS (Demon Hunter preference)
2 Ranged DPS (Hunter Preference)
1 Healer (Priest Preference) or DPS-Heal flex

Socially and for Mythic plus we’re accepting all classes and roles, so if you want to join a large active community for any of the above hit us up. Thanks

All of the above still applies, so if you’re interested in either one of our raid teams or just because you want to find a home to chill socially and M+ with, give us a message!

Recuiting ranged DPS to help fill out our Mythic progression team :slight_smile:

Final 3 bosses prime for the killing, come ping us and join the squad :muscle:

Sludgefist down in our Mythic squad, who are still recruiting Ranged DPS + 1 Healer (please see the main post) for pushing further progress.

Heroic team have cleared and are now onto alt runs and farm clears

Social and M+ spots all open as always, just give us a holla :slight_smile: