[H] assa rogue LF guild


Hello, i am playing assasinatiom rogue and i am LF 2 days/week (maybe 3days/week - depends on times = 2x3h or 3x2h) raiding guild that has focus in mythic raiding and wanna push during those 2 raid days/times as much as they can. I have mythic experience from Uldir and mostly from previois expansions - on rogue. Currently i am 6/9 hc since i rolled rogue back few days ago and i dont have guild to play with regularly (have played rogue fore years before BfA).

Best raid days for me are monday, wednesday, thursday and sunday. Times i can raid during those days are 19:30 - 23:00 CET. So something in this range would work for me.

I am looking for mature chill guild where i could find new raiding “home” and where are friendly peple i will enjoy to play with but on high level and pushing raids during those 2 raid nights.

For more info and talk here is my bnet: Tashrak#2671

Have a nice day :slight_smile: