[H] <Baker Boys> Raiding Guild TBC recruitment

Horde EU - Zandalar Tribe RPPVP (NEW)

Raiding guild with a PVP influence.

What we offer:

Complete all current content in a timely but relaxed environment.

Experienced and dedicated players with many years history playing together, with Classic and TBC experience. Competitive raid progression, friendly atmosphere. Organised raids and premade PVP. Monthly community event. A chance to meet new friends and be part of a new guild.

What we expect:

Your soul, jokes aside, we will require you to know your spec/role and boss mechanics.

Be gemmed, enchanted and buffed for the raids. LW is not required as we are not that sweaty but it’s always a plus.

Two week trial period and participation in raids. Raider rank can be achieved by passing trial. Earlier in the expac attunements will not be mandatory as we will be doing these together.

Loot Rules:

SR system. Two soft reserves per raid for “Raider Rank”

Mounts = /roll for “Raider Rank”
Non SR items = MS>OS roll.

Raid Times:

Wednesday & Sunday 8.30pm-11.30pm Server time. These times are firm and will not be extended. We respect people’s irl obligations #boomers

As expansion progresses we may have a 3rd optional night for older raids. TBD


HIGH PRIORITY - Prot Paladin / Tank Druid / Tank Warrior / Hpal

MED PRIORITY - SHAMAN (all specs) Hunter / Warlock / Ret / Boomie

LOW PRIORITY - Mage, Resto Druid,

CLOSED ATM - Priest, Rogue, DPS Warr


Trep - Zandalar Tribe

Tolkeqt - Zandalar Tribe


Trep :zap:#2145 = Discord

Tolke#1575 = Discord

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