[H] BECKY LEMME SMASH - 5/10HC - Recruiting

You want sum raid Ron? Then join Becky Lemme Smash!

We are currently in the unusual situation that we have to replace a few dps and an Off Tank mid progression!

Due to unforeseen circumstances a small part of our Raid Group has joined real life friends on the Alliance, we wish them the best of luck!

We offer Weekly Mythic + / Torghast 8 / Heroic Raiding / Guild Events / Informed social environment / Fun!

Get in contact with:

Cahm - In Game or @ ig0d#2169
Xethia - In Game or @ mullemann#21312

We currently raid Wednesaday and Saturdays ( due to corona lockdown ) from 20:30 servertime to 0:00

We look forward to hearing from you!

Respond to this thread or contact me in game or via battlenet!


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