[H] <Big Bad Boyos> Wpvp/PvE - Heed the call of war


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After three gruelling weeks Big Bad Boyos have gathered the materials to create the first Legendary hammer on Horde side, this weapon will be used to help bring about the Destruction of the Alliance from this world once and for all.

h ttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/589202331783135252/639993256708669442/Hand.png

In other news Phase 2 is just around the corner and Big Bad Boyos plan to be very active in the Wpvp scene moving forward, if there are any Horde OR Alliance guilds out there that wish to co-ordinate cross-faction Wpvp events moving forwards please do not hesitate to get in contact with me via the Horde Discord.

We are still recruiting for PvP content although our raid spots are all full. If you are a budding PvP enthusiast and you’ve yet to find a home for Classic we intend to be active for the entirety of the games life through all phases and as more and more content is released more opportunities will rise to take part in fun PvP orientated gameplay.

We Big, We Bad, We Boyo

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We should be careful too not to cause the zone wide lags :confused: it breaks on 200 people

Recent Alliance superiority in the war efforts has been tolling on the people of the Horde but still we must not surrender. On the open field of battle is where we will cast our differences aside and fight back the forces of the Alliance starting first and foremost with aiding the Warsong of Ashenvale and the Frostwolf Clan of Alterac. Take up axe and shield to defend your homelands today!

Big Bad Boyos are looking for more PvP focused players and Horde loyalists to join our ranks for the release of Battlegrounds. We are planning multiple premade battleground groups and are always seeking more healers and other useful roles to help on the grind of both PvP and PvE rep rewards.

We are also recruiting twinks within the ranks of the Boyos and seek to maintain an active lvl 19 twink community, if you wish to join and participate in full twink premades, find other like minded individuals to help you with twinking advice, Gurubashi Arena trinket farms and more we’d be more than happy to have any and all Tiny Boyo’s on board.

We have had a blast participating in the Wpvp of P2 while still taking a good hammering from Alliance forces, we look forward to meeting them on the battleground where things can be settled once and for all.

We Big, We Bad, We Boyo

This is the attitude

Hey guys, when are your raiddays?