[H] [boogie down] 9/10 H | Looking for DPS and Heals | 2 Days Raiding Guild

:star: [boogie down] :star: is a raiding guild formed during Shadowlands looking for people interested in Heroic/Mythic raiding and running M+ content on a regular basis.

Our members are active daily in the guild and can be found constantly doing M+, PvP or chilling in Discord.

We aim to provide a raiding environment where we can be serious, focused and try our best during difficult encounters, while also keeping things light hearted and chill between pulls.

The goal we have set is to make as much progress as we can, while having as much fun as we can, so striking a balance between the two is very important to us.

Our immediate short term goal is to clear Heroic this tier, with the long term goal of working through Mythic bosses and eventually going for Cutting Edge once we have built out our core raiding team!

:white_check_mark: What we expect from our raiders:

  • Be prepared: know tactics, bring your own consumables and gear enchants.
  • Be willing to constantly improve yourself and have a healthy attitude towards raiding, have patience and do not give up easily
  • Knowledge of the class you are playing
  • To have Discord and preferably a working mic

:white_check_mark: What we provide to our raiders:

  • A guild with experienced players who have cleared multiple tiers of Heroic raids and have substantial experience with Mythic raiding in multiple tiers
  • An open guild atmosphere where your suggestions and input will be taken into consideration and player input will be taken seriously
  • A great mixture of fun and serious progression raiding

:white_check_mark: Raid times:

  • Wednesday 8pm-11pm server time
  • Saturday 8pm-11pm server time
  • OPTIONAL Monday 8pm-11pm server time

:point_up: For socials & alts: gearing up through lower difficulties/previous tiers/other fun group content.

Exceptional players of all roles and specs will always be taken into consideration for the progression group so please do not hestitate to apply even if your spec is not specified on our listed priority.

:white_check_mark: High demand specs:

:heavy_plus_sign: Healer

  • Priest Disc/Holy

:crossed_swords: DPS (All Ranged DPS in general)

  • Marksmanship Hunter

  • Warlock

I hope we have have sparked your interest! :star2:

You can apply by filling out the application below. :point_down:

https:// forms.gle /vfJDdkjppTUAYWjU8

:point_up: Remove the spaces in order for the link to work.

:white_check_mark: Feel free to contact us in case of any other questions

:crown: Guild Leader:

  • Bnet: BuhDuhGuh#2974
  • Discord: Akselib#5076

:speech_balloon: Social Recruiter:

  • Bnet: Loid#2877

:crossed_swords: General Recruiter:

  • Bnet: VictorGv#21678
  • Discord: Victor#1530
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Come boogie with us :wink:

Joined them yesterday, they’re very friendly and fun to game with.

Updated progression, we are starting to get a really nice and skilled core group

If you are a ranged dps or a healer(priest would be cool :wink: ) we are in need of YOU! Come apply today :smiley:

Updated what specs and classes we will be looking for.

Still looking for DPS, feel free to apply!

Edited High Demand specs. Our team is coming along nicely, just a few DPS spots left :wink:

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HEY YOU! WE NEED TO BOOGIE DOWN! Still looking for some good DPS :smiley:

Updated progression, join us we have slots for DPS left and we’d love to have you on! <3

:yawning_face: “sashay left”
:unamused: “shimmy right”
:nauseated_face: “prance forward”

:partying_face: “boogie down” :tada:

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We are still looking for some DPS to join our raid team o/

When are we boogieng up

Updated progression, Off to denathrius! Come get your AOTC

Still looking for a healer and some RDPS for the group, come for we will go straight into mythic after killing Denathrius

Still looking, updated specs that we need!

We’re still looking for some people to join our ranks, check main post.

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