(H) Brewmaster / Prot Pala LF heroic / mythic later night guild


Thanks for looking - having been playing WoW since TBC in a variety of guilds from 5-6 nights hardcore through to casual , mythic raiding and the last few tiers with some fellow ex mythic raiders who moved down to 1 day a week heroic (have achieved curve every tier).

I am currently looking for a new guild that raids later in the evenings up to twice a week and has members online for M+ and any other activities as WoW is still my main game and i have little time outside for others.

My characters are listed below

446 Brewmaster monk 73 Neck

445 Prot paladin

440 Hunter

I also have a variety of other characters at 435-440 (boomkin, ele/enh shaman, warrior)

I am primarily keen to continue my monk or paladin as main dependant on guild needs and of course have reasonable offspec gear for both.

I am a mature player, who is always well prepared, drama free and would hope to be a worthy member of any guild i join.

Horde only though the whole realm + faction change is still crazy expensive!!!

Leave me your battlenet and i will contact you for a chat etc

Many thanks


My BNET Dafunky#21522