[H] <Brisk Kompetansesenter> (11/11) A Norwegian Guild Recruiting


Just to start off, Brisk Kompetansesenter is a Norwegian raiding guild, which is searching for Norwegian players to join our roosters.

Brisk was formed on classic launch by a group of friends both irl and from the game. Most of us have been playing on private servers and vanilla itself, So we got alot of experience in the end game content for classic.

Our goal for Classic is to have a dedicated and active core team to clear out all end game even naxxramas.

Recruitment is open and Open spots is:

Druid - Closed
Hunter - Open
Mage - Closed
Priest - Open, for both Holy and shadow
Rogue - Open
Shaman - Open. Only for resto
Warlock - Open
Warrior - Open, Only for fury

Socials are more then welcome if you are looking for a fully norwegian community!

Our raid times are:
Sunday 19:00-23:10 and Thursday 19:00-23:00
At the moment we only raiding sundays to clear out Molten Core and Onyxia, In much lesser time then raid schedule.
This schedule is when BWL Launches and further into AQ->Naxx.

The guild have a few raiding rules which contains:
All Raiders needs to meet with Consumes for your class.
Positive attitude during raids with room for banter.
Be able to take constructive criticism

We running with Raiders and Core raiders, where you get Core raider if you show ur interest, up 2 date with consumes and enchants with 80%+ attendance.

Brisk Kompetansesenter is running Loot Council, Based on Attendance and Performance. The Loot Council is picked out and consisting of both leadership and Core Raiders in the guild.

If you find this interesting or have any more questions dont hesitate to contact us here or Ingame.

Roogàdin - Guild Master Steini#2251
Parthicus - Officer


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