[H] [Bronzebeard/Eonar] 🍕 Casual Pizza Cats (8/8H, 2/8M) recruiting raiders and socials!

:pizza: Casual Pizza Cats is recruiting raiders and socials! :cat:

Are you either or both of these two?

  • A committed raider: a raider who knows her/his class and wants to progress on Heroic/Mythic, but who also has a life going on.
  • An active social player: someone who wants to join events and clear content together with guildies.

Then we’re the guild for you.

-------------------- FOR RAIDERS --------------------

Raids are 8-11.30pm on Wednesday (Party Night) and Sunday (Progress Night).

We have a flexible roster, so you will not be punished for missing a raid. !@#$ happens, we all know it. That said, loyalty is rewarded. We bring solid raid leadership, Cauldrons, Tables, Codexes, and Vantus Runes. In return, we expect you to bring a good understanding of your class and fight mechanics, and a great attitude.

We are looking for raiders who want to progress on high content (healers especially), at a chill pace, with a fun guild. If you are able to flex (for example healer with DPS offspec) that would be awesome!

More info on raiding:

-------------------- FOR SOCIALS & M+ --------------------
We have social events pretty much weekly. These events include stuff like pub quizzes, transmog or achievement runs, level 1 races etc… We also have CPC Clubs which include a Guild Book Club, Cocktail Club and Film Club! Monday night is Monday Mayhem - we run Mythic+ to get everyone a weekly key done for their Great Vault. Finally, we have a bunch of altoholics, and if we’re really tired of life, we might even fish together.

All members are 18+ and mostly students/working, and so the guild (Discord) is most active in the evenings. We are all pretty chill people, and we like to keep it that way. We don’t tolerate drama or immature behavior.

We do not recruit the character. We recruit the person behind the character.


  • We are on Bronzebeard, which is on a connected server (Aeriepeak/Eonar/Vek’nilash/Blade’s Edge).
  • We log all our raids and are happy to help you with your log.
  • We stream our raids over at: www.twitch.tv/CasualPizzaCats
  • We have our own little guild economy: buying cheaper off guild bank than AH;
  • We hang out on Discord: https://discord.gg/EtSzWdQ
  • Our subreddit has more info: reddit.com/r/CasualPizzaCats

APPLY THROUGH OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/EtSzWdQ

One of our recruiters will get in touch with you afterwards!