[H] Casa del Diablo - Heroic Raiding Guild

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Looking for a World of Warcraft guild?

Perhaps this is your first serious look at searching for a community with similar goals and values as yourself, or you could be a returning player or you could even have just decided to look for a home to make a fresh start. We are hopeful that Casa del Diablo can offer you the type of guild environment where you can chill, flourish, relax and enjoy World of Warcraft.

Casa del Diablo is a new guild by name, but has a community base of players from the early days of wow, and is looking to further strengthen our roster. Our core membership is built from the recently disbanded guild named Seren that originates from steamweedle cartle, back from classic wow. In short, we are here not just for one patch or expansion cycle, but rather for the long term.

Our idea is that the guild will be built on the following pillars - teamwork, honesty, respect, open communication and acceptance to change. Having fun and playing games together is our desired outcome.

Our raid focus will be on clearing Heroic content only, ensuring that we obtain Ahead of the Curve with each patch cycle and have the raid on farm. We have currently cleared up to 8/8 Heroic Uldir but there is still plenty of time to grow with us and become an integral part of the raid team for the current content and the guild community at large. If you are looking specifically for Mythic content, there are plenty of guilds around who have these sort of aspirations.

We prefer to keep the focus on Heroic, allowing for a more relaxed raiding schedule, more time for alts, work, family or time away from the game. Our current members range from their early 20's and some in their late 40's.

Our Raid Times are Wed and Sunday's 9:00pm-11:30pm server time.

If you have these values, are comfortable with a more relaxed, Heroic only raiding environment and feel like this is for you, please feel free to apply to join us by vising our website at www.casadeldiablo.info/. No need to log in, just apply and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Look forward to hearing from you.


(Foresthuntér) #2
We have changed our raid days and are now Wed and Sunday nights.

If you wish to apply as a raider, as opposed to a social member, we are currently looking primarily for Ranged DPS, but any dps or healers with dps offspec would be a perfect fit for our team.

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Updated our progress to 7/8 Uldir Heroic and we’ll hopefully get G’huun down early next week.

Still looking for Healers, DPS or hybrid classes.

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Updated our progress to 8/8 Uldir Heroic. Still looking for Healers, DPS or hybrid classes. We’ll consider any application, so please don’t hesitate to apply :slight_smile:

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Bump, guild is still recruiting. Looking for an tank as well now.


We have a nice healthy raid team and roster size, but we’d be delighted to see more people join us of any class. Hyrbrid classes are most welcome as it helps us keep the raid size flexible.


Updated our BoA progress, and a note to say that we would welcome more ranged dps and our current progress in 5/9 Normal BoA. Apply now for an opportunity to join us tonight to finish the clear.