[H] Casual raiding/M+/Altaholics/Social Guild est. 2007 looking for members

Dark Wolves is a Horde guild originally established on the connected realms of Lightbringer/Mazrigos. We have recently taken the decision to move realms, so we’re now on the busier realm of Tarren Mill/Dentarg. We are a guild of adults ranging from students to those closing in on retirement, most of us hovering around the middle.

We are looking for members who would fit in with us, who are happy dabbling in various aspects of WoW, who perhaps would like to join in with some Heroic/Normal raiding, some M+, perhaps some PvP.

We organise raids twice a week, we regularly organise “Mythic Mondays” where people get to practice M+ at varying levels, or perhaps get a group if they’ve not been able to up until then, and we often have a PvP night on a Friday evening after that raid, where members can kill alliance together (or, more often, die trying!). Everything is carried out calmly and with good humour. Because there’s no point doing it, if you’re not having fun :slight_smile:

Other events are often organised on an ad-hoc basis throughout the week.

For more information about us, on these forums, please visit our realm post:

We have a website where you can find out more about us, our rules and goals, along with an application form if you wish to join: https://www.darkwolves.eu

If you would like to get to know us a little more first, feel free to visit our discord, have a mooch, ask questions, perhaps join in with the occasional dungeon run: https://discord.gg/gQ2uBGe

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We are still open to new members - feel free to have a mooch through our discord to learn more about us, have a chat, perhaps take part in a dungeon or two: https://discord.gg/gQ2uBGe

I remember i read about your guild on your website some time ago. I was very interested in joining, but i got so anxious just reading all your rules. You have like a million rules. I would be constant nervous i would break any of them without knowing it hahaha. :rofl:

haha I wouldn’t worry about the rules much … and actually we’ve condensed them a bit fairly recently because they were getting out of hand (every time someone did something dumb, and said “well the rules didn’t say I couldn’t”, the rules would expand :stuck_out_tongue: )

Essentially the normal guild rules boil down to “don’t be a dick or a drama queen” … and the raiding rules are more an explanation of how we organise and run raids :slight_smile:

Our guild rules can be found here: https://www.darkwolves.eu/gwiki/index.php?page_name=Guild_Rules&gid=180473&page_id=21164

and I can condense them into:

  • Be nice
  • Don’t beg for gold or gear
  • Don’t do anything against Blizzard ToU
  • Don’t take stuff that isn’t yours, or take stuff from the vault to sell/use outside the guild
  • Don’t be a drama queen

Everything else is just explaining how stuff works :slight_smile:

Just as a brief update, we’re still looking for new members - ideally more to help flesh out our raid nights (Wednesday 9-11.30pm ST and Friday half an hour later). We still have space for at least one more tank (ideally someone who doesn’t mind occasionally playing a dps off-spec/alt), and plenty of space for dps. We could also squeeze an extra healer or two in :stuck_out_tongue:

So what I should have said is … more please!

We are happy to have along people who have never raided before, or the last time they raided was years ago, or even those who did the whole hardcore thing and decided it was no longer for them (although in this latter case, please be really sure that you want to make that drastic change, because social/casual raiding is VERY different to hardcore raiding!).

We still have openings for more members - social, M+ers and raiders, but especially raiders - currently space for any role, as we’re a guild full of altaholics so can usually move people to make space for any role that wants to come.

Steadily working our way still through heroic Sanctum, now 8/10.

Looking forward to the new raid and new and interesting ways to die!

We are now 9/10 Heroic, currently working on Sylvanas and on the look out especially for tanks, but also space for all other roles, as we head into 9.2. Despite being a pack of wolves … we don’t bite, honest :wink:

Updated to mention that we have now moved realms.

We found that it was untenable to continue on our previous realm of Lightbringer/Mazrigos, due to the very low population there, so made the decision to move our entire guild to Tarren Mill/Dentarg.

Unfortunately, we timed that really poorly - just as we were in the process of transferring, Blizzard removed the ability to actually transfer guilds, so we’ve had to create a new guild, of the same name, on the new realm.

Our website, discord, etc, are all still the same - we have retained virtually all of our active members and still have well attended events.

We are currently 7/11 Normal Sepulcher - having a firm chat with Anduin :wink:

Feel free to look us up if you’re interested in knowing more :slight_smile: