[H] <catJAM> 4/10M 2 Day Raiding Guild


We are a new guild formed for Shadowlands made up of friends who have been playing WoW together for years. We are a two day raiding guild on Draenor EU. Our aim as a guild is to foster a fun and relaxed community that progresses through all the content the game has to offer at a steady pace.


Raid days: Friday & Sunday 8pm - 11pm ST

We are currently recruiting:

  • DK melee dps.


  • Previous raiding experience - We intend to raid Mythic once we clear Heroic so we do need a base level of competence in raiding to allow for that to be successful. Raiding experience from previous expansions go a long way to demonstrate that.
  • Steady raid attendance - We ask that you have a steady attendance on our raid days, however we understand that real life gets in the way sometimes. If this happens, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible, so we can accommodate this.
  • Discord and reliable internet connection - We use Discord for our raiding comms so you will be required to be on it during the raid and also have a connection that is reliable enough to not hinder your ability to play.
  • Good attitude - We strive for a healthy raiding atmosphere, one where we can have genuine fun and wholeheartedly enjoy ourselves. This means that you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. However, in order to keep the atmosphere chilled and stress-free, we require you to always try your best, learn from mistakes, and come prepared.
  • Class Proficiency - Stay up to date with your class. We don’t mind people who play off-meta specs but we do expect you to play the spec you choose to a reasonable standard.
  • Preparation - n order to keep things running as smooth and as stress-free as possible, we expect you to turn up to raid with consumables ready and some knowledge of the fights that we intend to progress during the raid, be it from reading guides or watching videos. We will have guides on our Discord for you to use

If you feel you meet our requirements, don’t hesitate to apply at: forms.gle/Rnr1CaWCgZkzX8wT9


Many of us in the guild are enthusiastic about dungeons and enjoy pushing keys. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to find guild groups for keys if that is what you enjoy doing or if all you need is your weekly key.


If you are not looking to Mythic raid but want a guild to socialise in or just do the odd m+ with, we are open to socials. We organise a weekly social and alt raid where we will do either Normal or Heroic depending on main raid progress.

If you have any questions regarding the guild, feel free to send one of us a message:


Recruitment still open, please apply if you’re interested!

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bumping, still looking for many more!

Bump! Still looking for more people to join us ready for shadowlands!

Our team is coming together. Looking for healers (not Resto Druids) and ranged dps.

Still after a few healers (not druid) and any ranged dps. Come join us ready for the new expansion!

Still looking for ranged dps and healers. Also need a Demon Hunter dps.

Still after some ranged dps, Extra points for having a heal Off-spec, as well as a havoc Demon Hunter. Come join us ready for shadowlands!

On the hunt for a few ranged dps, with off heal would be nice and a Havoc Demon Hunter. Looking for social members, we will be doing a social raid, or if your coming back to the game and want a place to chill.

Whilst the servers are broken and you cant do anything else, come a join us ready for raiding!, Still after ranged and a havoc dh.

yet another shameless bump

Still on the hunt for ranged, off spec healing would be nice but not necessary and a havoc demon hunter.

Hey, would like to join, hunt bm :slight_smile:

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Still looking for the last few ranged spots to close out our roster. We are also a great place for socials and when mythic plus opens up we there will be runs daily.

Come join us ready to raid next week! Ranged, a healer and a havoc demon hunter. Come find a home for mythic plus or just come join us as a social.

Castle Nathria is close! Still looking for a healer and more ranged dps. Would consider a Ret too.