[H] <Clown Wagon> [Naxx 15/15] Recruiting for Classic & beyond

< Clown Wagon > is looking for active players to join our raid team. All skilled players will be considered as we finish off Classic content and start planning for TBC, however following a couple of recent ‘retirements’ post downing KT we are actively looking to recruit:

  • Shamans [Resto]
  • Mage

We have a mature and lively raiding guild environment on the Mirage Raceway server [PVE], with many experienced and dedicated players - many of whom raided all content in Vanilla and TBC. We strive to be competitive and clear content in as efficient manner as possible, including 1 hour clears of AQ40.
Naxxramas 15/15 well executed over 2 raid nights with ~2.5 hours of raiding.

You would become a member of our core group and raiding:

Wednesday 21:00 - 23:30
Thursday 21:00 - 23:00
Monday 21:00 - 23:00 (Optional/Cleanup)

We also run optional raids on other nights across all other raid content, helping to gear up players that may have been left behind.

We run a loot priority sheet to fairly rotate loot distribution across classes based on need and overall raid performance improvement. This ensures distribution is kept fair across all players whilst avoiding negative practices such as hoarding and collusion.

Class leaders are available to discuss your individual loot goals.

We value active and motivated players with a positive mindset focused on progression, and you’re expected to have a thorough understanding of your class. We need you to be punctual given our shortened raids, attend consistently, or communicate early when unable to do so.

You are eager to learn in order to improve where necessary, and committed to perform at your best each raid. You would understand your role allocations and review any strategies for an encounter ahead of the raid, with enough consumables for your role.

We have a number of members who actively support the guild with summons and portals to help ensure your world buff run is as smooth and quick as possible, with raid summons open before every raid night.

Our logs are publicly posted on warcraft logs - we’re the only < Clown Wagon > out there - let us know if you think we would be a fit for you!

[Contact Details]
If you share these values and are looking for an entertaining guild to be part of long term, please come chat with us in-game or on Discord.

Ingame: Cosmo / Highground / Stormchief / Knockturnal / Treason / Mackie
Discord: Cosmo#9462 / HighGround#4856 / Stormchief#9339 / Knockturnal#3424 / Dr_Jolley#1996 / IllicitStills#0001

Now looking for:

Resto Shaman [1] (other specs may be considered with demonstrable experience and capability)
Exceptional Ranged DPS

Seeking a skilled Resto Shaman [1] and Mage [1] or any exceptional healers or ranged DPS.