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Is a fairly new guild on Stormscale (found the weekend before Uldir release) but over the past few months we have already formed a solid core. We still want to expand our roster so we can always raid when we are supposed to, while also branching out some classes within our roster. Our intentions remain the same - build up a solid, social and dependable roster so we can go for Cutting Edge every raid tier from 8.1 onwards. We firmly believe in mechanical skill over dps/hps numbers, ilvl/gearscore and raid io. Mythic requires a minimum peformance (which is usually above average), that is required to bring a boss down - this does not mean that a player with lower gear and logs % can’t perform at that level or higher. We want to give all players a fair shot and we want to keep our roster somewhere in between 25-27 players. However due how real life sometimes catches up, we might look to expand a few numbers over that amount. We do really want to have everyone raid on progression, while not shooting ourselves in the foot with bad compositions.
Raid days; all times are server time!

Thursday: 20:00 - 23:00
Sunday : 20:00 - 23:00
Monday : 20:00 - 23:00

Additional alts/social raid
Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:00

We ask our raiders to be online somewhere around 19:45 so we can get the invites started. As a guild we provide cauldrons, enchants, vantus runes and feasts for our raiders. This means you as a raider have to bring your own potions, health/mana potions and whatever you might need. In order to pay for these we as a guild sell some boss kills; we are looking to expand towards dungeon boosting aswell. As of now we are currently selling G’huun HC.

We use our calendar to sign for our raids and Discord as our communication outside of guild chat. It’s not required to have a working mic but it is a big bonus!

Currently we are looking mainly for RDPS and a DH (potentially other melee). If you want to apply go to our wowprog page OR contact one of our officers in game. Atm we are 4/8 Mythic but we suffered some losses on our roster, so as of now we are more focused on finding the right players.

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