(H) Crown, CE Guild Recruiting 10/10hc, 2/10m


We’re 2/10M Guild, currently expanding our roster for future mythic progression. Guild achieved CE in Nyalotha in quite short time and we are aiming to continue so in SL.

Raid Days:

Wed (HC runs until cancellation) 20-23st
Thu 20-23st
Sun 20-23st

Right now we are in high demand for Holy Pala and Discipline Priest. However we’re always looking for exceptional players to join our team.

Outside of raiding we have RBG team and quite a few m+ players to play with so if you are interested in that type of content You can apply as well.

For application join our discord and read Informations in #recruitment channel.

We’re currently recruiting:

Tank - any class but DH
Ranged dps - mage/boomie prio.

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