[H] <Cynical> 1/10M SOD, recruiting Tank/Healer/Ranged for progression

Will keep this short and to the point as I prefer actual conversations with new people.

Cynical has now opened recruitment for 9.1 Mythic Progression and looking forward for the rest of the expansion. After a short break during the content draught we are looking to expand our ranks and recruit solid players that are similarly minded and aiming for CE. We ended progression during 9.1 at around realm rank 200-230 and hoping to push further into the 100’s and achieving CE.

Raiding Thur/Mon 20:00-23:00 Server time. Also raiding Wednesday as an additional optional raid (normally clearing the difficulty below what we are progressing).

The first three or so resets of progression we will be adding Tuesday to this schedule.

In terms of recruitment: please see my latest reply to this thread to keep updated on what we need. If we are desperate I will change the title :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon! Add Tymoa#2145 on Bnet and Tym#3203 on discord for a chat.

Still recruiting for 9.1

Need a tank, spriest, warlock

Recruiting a tank.

Hey, i levelled and geared a guardian druid to main in 9.1 and now looking for a guild to tank.

I levelled this druid 3 weeks ago and havent raided for this patch so i dont have logs to show you. However i have always raided mythic as dps did high m+ aswell as tank and dps.
We can chat further if you want add wallaroo#2140
thx and hope to talk to you soon

Currently recruiting Healing priests/spriest and warlock. All other exceptional players will be considered

Currently recruiting priests (shadow+healer), mages, warlock, DH, WW.

All other exceptional applicants will be considered.

Currently recruiting priests (all kinds), mages, warlock, DH, WW, rogue

Currently recruiting preists, mages, warlock, DH, WW, Rogue, Hpala

Assassination Rogue 225ilvl . Curve last patch. 8/10 SoD Normal is interested to join to your guild

Sended u bnet invite by Predator#27210

Recruiting tanks (no paladin), healers (no druid) and exceptional dps players pref ranged

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