[H] <Darkmoon Dogs>

<Darkmoon Dogs > now recruiting for our TBC roster!

Who are we? We’re a group of friends who started raiding together at the start of classic and have had many more additions to our community from all around the world. Generally just a like minded group of people who instead of raid logging, actually enjoy playing other games, drinking together or even just chatting!

What are we looking for? With TBC coming up we’re after a few different classes but will accept all players of all skill levels.

A few shamans
A warrior

What do we offer We offer a laid back raiding environment, with other things going on apart from raidlogging such as our Infamous Drunk Fridays, Poker nights and much more! We’re looking for people who want to enjoy the game but also clear all current content.

What we ask of you Have decent knowledge of your class, pre-raid bis, rotation, specs etc. Bring the necessary consumes, help out guildies where you can and most importantly have a laugh, don’t take the game too seriously!

We will also have a good few of us rushing from 60-70 in the first week, spamming dungeons and grabbing as much rep as possible along the way and all are welcome for that!

Info We raid 20:00 - 23:00 ST Wednesday / Sunday with off-raid days, drunken pvp, dungeon runs & much more.

Together in Classic Vanilla we cleared all of the raids including Naxx.

We will be using a Loot council system with transparent and fair reasons as to why each player receives what loot based on multiple reasons such as consume usage, attendance, going above and beyond for guildies etc.

Contact Info
Battletag Discord
Greesaber#1563 - Greesaber#0923
Gall#21909 - Rhillposs#6800

Welcome to those who’ve already joined us, it’s going to be a blast! Still spots open in a number of roles. Get in!

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