[H] <Depleto Squad> (AotC) is recruiting!

Depleto Squad is a semi-casual raiding guild having most recently achieved AotC, hoping to fill our Core Roster enough to get started on Mythic.

We raid on Sundays, 6PM ST and - sometimes, depending on the job schedules of our members - for a 2nd time on Mondays, 7PM ST.

We come from various walks of life, but are, in general:

  • adults
  • mature enough to be serious when necessary, but not uptight about realizing this is a game, and games are meant to be fun
  • respectful to each other, but also see the value in giving and receiving constructive performance feedback
  • not entirely politically correct
  • great fun to be around, be it in guild chat or on Discord

We are currently looking for the following specs to finalize our 20 man roster to get started on Mythic, all potential members will be trialed in a HC Raid:

  • an Arms or Fury Warrior
  • a Boomkin Druid
  • a Windwalker Monk
  • a Havoc DH
  • a Disc Priest

If you are not playing one of the above-mentioned specs, but feel like you would have fun here and we would profit from having you in our roster feel free to talk to me regardless and we’ll see if we can figure something out.

Please either look us up ingame /who Depleto Squad and ask to speak to an officer or - alternatively - hit us up on BNet at

  • JaggerDens#2966
  • Ecclesiarch#2565

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