[H] <Devolution> new Heroic Raiding Guild Recruiting

Hello everyone we are a newly formed horde casual raiding guild on Draenor a with a focus on Heroic Raid content and Mythic+. We are currently recruiting all classes and specs.

About us:

We are a team of old WoW veterans who used to raid hardcore in top European guilds in Vanilla, TBC and WOTLK before a prolonged break. We recently returned to the game for Dragonflight and are having a blast but are much older now and no longer have the time to commit to hardcore raiding. We are therefore looking for like minded players who enjoy tackling difficult PvE content in a more casual and relaxed setting, with a community they can have a laugh with.

Currently through Pugging the Guild management has thus far cleared 8/8 normal and 6/8 HC

Our raid plan is one fixed raid per week: Currently Fridays 08:00-23:00 Server time with an optional raid day at a flexible time later in the reset week if the raid group has time/desire to push kills. The guild management is very active and will always be up for running Mythic+ content and dipping our toes into PvP in-between the raid times.

What we ask from you:

  • A sense of humour
  • Interest in being a active part of a community, supporting and respecting each other.
  • Enjoy pushing difficult content with a friendly group of like minded individuals
  • Be able to maintain 80% attendance for the fixed raid day. We will not monitor attendance for the optional/flexible raid day
  • Motivated to perform during raid content: While we are by no means hardcore, heroic and mythic+ content still requires you to know your class, rotations and be able to be a benefit to the raid or dungeon group, which means we expect our raiders to be invested in improving their raid performance where necessary. We are passionate about supporting you in anyway we can and you will not be sidelined because of a bad performance but in exchange for this we ask that you also do your best to be the best player you can be and use any necessary tools to help you: addons, guides, logs etc.

If this sounds like something you are looking for please message myself or Khaoix in game to arrange a quick chat on discord. Alternatively feel free to add me on Discord and message me there: Baeovar#4188

P.S. sorry for the double post, failed to post on the correct character…

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