[H] <Dicentra> - Recruiting for Naxxramas


Blackwing Lair - CLEARED IN 38min
Molten Core - CLEARED
Zul`gurub - CLEARED
Onyxia - CLEARED

What we can offer you
Dicentra will be a extremely helpful and positive guild that can provide a lot of fun and a social athmosphere. We’re interested in doing instances together with our members. We can also garuantee you a guild full of mature and respectful people.

What we expect from you
Dicentra expects you to be a mature and a respectful player, that will not cause the guild any kind of problems. No matter
what situation you are in, treat people with respect and do not put Dicentra in any position that grants us a bad reputation.
We of course among other guilds have some requirements to join the guild, which we expect everyone to satisfy.

  • Dedication.
  • Understanding your class fluently.
  • Bringing consumables and required buffs to raid.
  • Attending 2/2 raids (if you cannot attend, make sure to let us know)
  • Accepting and understanding Loot Council

Raid invites starts 30min before.

  • Monday: 19:30 - 23:00
  • Tuesday: 19:30 - 23:00


1-2 Restoration Shaman
1-2 Fury Warrior
1 Holy Priest

Feel free to contact me directly or any other officers on our discord:
Discord Code: MkUQQgu

Teerak - Guild Master

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