[H] Disc LF weekend/daytime guild

Hello there. (I can realm transfer)
After legion i took quite long break untill almost end of bfa, was quite excited xpac because first time started with healer role, start was messy but investigated lot guides in short time i managed to start getting these top hps bars in mythic raid enviroment, sadly our raidleaders decide to leave because end of expansion we couldn’t fill full raiding team in scheduled times. So i’m already transitioning myself from holy priest to disc working with my rotation and i actually even enjoy it more then my hpriest. My current raiding exp as a holy in this tier 8/12 with ra-den down. With ret i had 9/10 in nighthold had to take break of personal issues in real life,probably would get that guldan down.

Anyhow I’m looking for mature same minded guild even across servers who raid in weekends for 8-10 hours. From 12-14 up to 19:00 cet one or half hour ±
Or daytime from 14:30 CET to 19:00 CET
Im always trying to attend 100% of my signed activities, i have stable internet and not wooden pc, comming prepared with flasks and prepots.

If you have questions or want to talk leave your Btag or discord link.
See you arround in shadowlands cheers

No weekend, daytime guilds?