[H] Draenor - 412 Frost Mage LFG


Looking for a mythic progression guild with an active community that is also pushing higher mythic+ keystones when not raiding.

412 ilvl, 1600 rio season 2, 9/9HC 1/9M through pugging.


Feel free to message me via bnet or discord if you think I would be a good fit in your guild.

Discord: Yeow#0246
Bnet: Zombie#22317


Added you homie!


Hey bud, Omen on Emerald Dream EU are a 3 night raiding guild (20:00-23:00, Sunday/Monday/Wednesday) that are currently 5/9 through BfD, and got server-first 8/8 in Uldir. We’re a very friendly group that has been together since Vanilla, and many of us enjoy pushing M+ keys as high as possible.

Feel free to add me to talk in-game (Cantor#2912) or check our website at omen-guild.enjin[DOT]com
I’m not online at the moment but will add you when I get home today.

PS: Not sure why this posted on my Rogue alt…I play Cantor on Emerald Dream.


Hey there man, in case you are still looking:

[Insight] is a recently formed guild on Frostwhisper EU-Horde by a group of friends across different guilds during the second half of Uldir Progress. We look for players similar to our roster in terms of dps, attendance, performance in & outside of raids etc. With the end goal being Cutting Edge each tier.

Our members are typically somewhat in the middle of their 20’s and 30’s, who know that there is more next to WoW raiding but still wish to experience Mythic level progression content.

There is a core of a few players within the Guild who push themselves on the M+ / PvP front or are pure altoholics. While others are simply happy doing their weekly M10 and calling it a day.

Our Progress so far:
Uldir - 7/8 Mythic
BoD - 5/9 Mythic

We raid Wednesday and Sunday from 19:45 till 23:00 server time.
During the first 2-3 weeks of a new tier of content we have an extra raid on Thursday during the same times as our regular raiding hours.

What do we look for in a raider:

Active approach towards keeping your main up to par
Knowledge of tactics, and to apply your class their toolkit in fights other than simply doing DPS/HPS
Commitment in terms of attendance (with a 2 night guild we expect people to be there)
Problem solving, being able to take constructive criticism and willingness to improve!

If all of this sound like a match with you, we are currently considering the following:

1 Melee DPS (Non-DH)
2-3 Ranged DPS (No Boomies)
1 Tank (Non-DK) would be considered if ready for Mythic Progression

Feel free to post below or get into contact with me @ Albion#2637


I added you on Discord in hopes of speaking with you
Hope to hear from you soon!

Sincerely Rais.