[H][Draenor] 9/9hc, 1/9 mythic LF DDs


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This is going to be a longer post, so I’m gonna put a TL:DR right at the beginning:
We are a newly formed guild that is looking for more members to progress into mythic. Currently we are on 9/9hc and 1/9 mythic.

We are looking for:
one more healer, preferably a shaman with an ele offspecc
dps: ranges in general

We are still small but if you are interested, keep reading :slight_smile: (If not, thanks for you attention though).

Our plan looks like this:
We want to raid mythic and have 2 raid days a week: Wed and Sun 20.30-23. And not 23.15 or 23.30. Raid will end at 11 since ppl have to get up in the morning.
We want to build a guild with a good organisation, no surprises on what we are going to do (hc/mythic) and communication with the raiders.
We are all 7/8 mythic raiders and about 1-2/9 mythic and 7/9 hc this tier.
We are looking for ppl who are in the same situation: fed up with their current situation and unable to find a decent alternative.

We are looking for pretty much anything atm, especially:
-tanks, that have an overview over the fight, know how to use their cds and tank the boss properly, so that melees can still attack without standing in bad stuff
-dds, that are not playing for logs, but rather play mechanics and know how to dodge them.
-healers, that are also not playing for logs, but rather to keep the raid alive
-ppl in general who know how to play their class and are willing to improve! We dont want high end mythic raiders who know everything better and can’t satdn some wipes, we want people willing to learn and grow and also make mistakes.

We do plan to raid mythic and we want to get close (or even get cutting edge), but not at the coast of our sanity. All in all this is a game and should be fun for everyone, so if we are stuck at some point and don’t see any way in getting any further, then be it.

We want to have an active guild where ppl are not just online for raids, but also hang out in discord and do stuff together. Sure not everyone has time for that and RL comes first.

So if you are still interested (thank you for making it that far) just add me on b-net and we can talk.

Even though this is going to be a new guild I’d still like to make some requierments:
-ilvl 385+
-neck lvl 36+
-able to talk on discord
-nhc/hc experience in the current raid
-non toxic
-willing to improve

Last part is really important, since I won’t tolerate anything like flaming or stuff like that. We are all mature adults (or at least should be) and can talk about problems normally, without slurs or raising their voice.

So, now you made it to the end of this very long post. Interested?
Add me: Rikachan#2491

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Next raid will be tomorrow, come join us, still looking for ranges like a balance druid a lock, a mage, a shadow :smiley:

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