(H) Draenor. BM Hunter LF PvE guild for M+ and Mythic Progression

Hi :slight_smile:

I have recently returned to wow after a 10 month hiatus!

I am a skilled and passionate guy who wants to push the progression in M+ instances and in mythic raiding. I have always been massively into raiding and PvE content, always playing at the highest level during my time playing wow. I have played since late B.C.

Since playing I have been a ‘hardcore’ raider, a ‘casual’ raider and been at the top of the game for PvE content in all expansions.

Just before my computer died this year I was in a guild progressing through mythic Uldir, and was completing M+ at a high key easily. Its a shame that I had to stop playing to get another computer sorted but here I am at square one.

So TL;DR : Established and passionate BM hunter looking for a mythic progression guild who actively run Mythic + instances through the week with a friendly and engaging environment.

If you wanna talk more please add me on Battle net: Smudge#21387

Cohors Vuluae is a newly formed guild of mythic raiders looking to experience the most challenging aspects of wow. We aim to create a fair and motivating environment for progress.

We have recently moved from Alliance on outlands to Horde on Draenor, Currently we are looking to recruit dps and a tank to join our ranks and our raid team to start mythic EP, as well as preparing for Ny’alotha

We expect all members that join to be able to use voice chat and have some understanding of their role/class, but we are always happy to help people that are in need.

so if you want to join a guild of chill Vuluae’s, have a sense of humour & aged 20+ drop a message in game or on discord.

pogodamonkey#2210 [battle.net]
pogodamonkey#8073 [discord]


Thank you for that message, I have added you on Bnet and look forward to talking to ya!