[H] [Draenor] <Brainlag> 9/9H-1/9M LF a DPS and a HEALER

(Forgohtten) #1

Brainlag , composed of a bunch of manbabies with a terrible sense of humor and absolutely no game talent is looking for more manbabies to hangout with and raid in 8.1. NOT a graveyard guild, voicechat is a huge part of our community. Thicc skin required, approach with caution.

Raid Progression:
Uldir: 3/8M
Battle of Dazar’alor: 9/9H - 1/9M

Raid Times:
Mondays and Wednesdays at 20:00-23:00 server time.

What Brainlag contains:

  • Questionable Memes.
  • Questionable NSFW.
  • Questionable Questionables.
  • Bulgarian Cannibals.
  • Locomotive driver wannabes.
  • “Do not say that word.”
  • Cheddar craving.
  • Oats and raisins for breakfast. EVERY DAY.
  • Brexit.
  • Intellectual conversations about anything not important.
  • Questionable Intellectuals about conversation anything not.
  • Fortnite dance competitions.
  • Skribbl and Cards against Humanity nights.

In high demand for the following:

Also in high demand for the following:
Holy Priest

*Note: Exceptional players will always be considered regardless of class.

Requirements :

  • Discord activity.
  • Working mic.
  • Thicc skin.




aw ywah guy, i wanna sign up

(Forgohtten) #3

Updated the original post. LF more log padding.


our tanks parse 75 sir, tank dps is the only important mechanic

(Forgohtten) #5

Mom said it is my turn to bump the thread.


aw dude, can i join? i saw you guys also like to play fortnite

(Forgohtten) #7

Me and the boys having a bruh moment B)


Are you accepting socials as well?

(Forgohtten) #9

We are willing to accept social players as long as they actually engage into some sort of social activity, yes.

Updated the progress, AOTC achieved, now to Mythic.


Ok, what type of social activities do you guys usually engage in?

(Forgohtten) #11

Regular chitchat in voice, some lidl board games, might include shekel fragments.


Mind if we chat a little in-game or through Bnet?

(Forgohtten) #13

I mean, I have my BNET on the first post.


Sent a request through Bnet

(Forgohtten) #15

Still recruiting.

(Ripperhack) #16

We a apex guild now, pls apply if your fps skills are terrible. Anymore than 2 kills per game, please dont apply, youre too good.