[H] Draenor <Dark Sanctum> 3/9 M 9/9 HC recruiting for BoD Mythic!


Dark Sanctum 3/9 M 9/9 HC is a 3-day per week raiding guild focused on mythic progression, we aim to build a raid team capable of achieving cutting edge.

Raid Times:

Wednesday, Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time - Progression
Sunday (optional) 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time - Farm


Very high attendance, we take raiding seriously and other people rely on you to be there almost every raid. (We understand real life sometimes gets in the way)

Have Discord and be a part of the community, we would prefer if you wouldn’t just log in for the raids.

Main raiders are expected to constantly work on their class/spec and search for the optimal way to deal with the encounter

Ability to accept constructive criticism.

We offer:

Progression oriented team
Friendly and active community
Raid supplies
Lots of off-raid activities (Mythic+/PvP/Islands)

Currently recruiting:

Tank: Prot Paladin/Warrior or Blood DK
DPS: Shadow Priest, Mage, Boomkin
Healer: Disc Priest or Resto Shaman

We will always consider exceptional players even if your class isn’t listed.

Anyone who thinks that this guild fits their playstyle or has any further questions feel free to contact me: