[H][Draenor] Death RePackaged are Recruiting 8/8HC 4/8 Mythic


[H][Draenor] Death RePackaged is opening Recruitment.

We have changed our name from Cookie Army so it may not update just yet?!?!?

Currently recruiting:
Tanks: Closed
Healers: 1/2 pref with DPS off-spec
Melee DPS: Few
Ranged DPS: Many (All classes needed.)

Socials always welcome

Who we are: We are a mature and friendly guild that aims to get curve relatively fast and progress some mythic raid each tier. Our core group of raiders have played together for several expansions. We also do Mythic+ keystones together, pushing +15/16 at most.

Who we are looking for? We are looking for those who want to learn and progress at a slower rate, but still trying to get as far as we can, people interested in building a fun and relaxed raid team and progressing together while laughing at our mistakes and learning what we all bring to the team.

Current Progress
8/8HC and 2/8 Mythic.

Raid Times:
We Raid Thursdays and Sundays 20:30-23:00 Server Time.

I hope there are people out there who want to join us in this endeavor and feel free to contact one of our officer Apoc (bigbrownie#2993) or Pain (Roikboy#2431).


Death RePackaged is still recruiting for healers, mdps and rdps. Join us on our mythic adventures


Still recruiting for remaining slots


We are still recruiting


Still recruiting and now 3/8 Mythic


Monk DPS w/ Healing Offspec
Demon Hunter
Shadow Priest

Recruiting for Mythic Progress!!!


Death Repackaged 3/8M are still recruiting for a monk, healer and ranged dps


Still recruiting the following for the Raid Team.

Monk: Healer and DPS
Demon Hunter: DPS

Social players always welcome.


Death RePackaged is still recruiting.
We need:

Monk - Healer or Dps
DH - Dps
Any ranged dps (Preferably with healing OS)

Socials also welcome.


UPDATE: 4/8 Mythic

Death RePackaged

Currently recruiting:

Tanks: Closed

Melee dps: Monks,

Ranged dps: Warlocks, Hunter, Shadow Priest

Healers: We will consider applicants.