[H][Draenor EU] Looking for fun HC or mythic guild

(Kills) #1

Simply put, I quit the game after getting cutting edge ghuun. My friends all quit, my guild was a little too elitist whilst it was often the GM making mistakes, and I just got a little disheartened.

Effectively, I’m getting back into it and I don’t mind if it’s HC or Mythic progression - providing the mistakes aren’t too stupid and we have fun. I enjoyed getting Cutting Edge G’huun but I don’t care about doing it again unless it’s worth it.

I’m currently sorting a few things and plan on levelling a new ZTroll character and will probably main it, or I’ll race change. I’m pretty flexible with what class I play but I’m liking the idea of a paladin. Who knows though.

If anyone thinks their guild would be suitable for me, let me know! :slight_smile:

Can also hmu on Discord: JagMaz#0001