(H) DRAENOR Holy paladin LF a m+(mainly) and hc-mythic raiding guild(even for alt -farm runs)


I am looking for a m+(mainly ) guild!! In season 1 i didn’t push as high as i would love to so my goal starting with the new season is to push for +15 and higher!! My io score is around 1040!! At the same time i would like to clear raids on hc difficulty( idc for mythic that much but i don’t say no) even if that means that i join alt-farm runs! I can raid any day but i prefer until 23:00 st!!
Thank you for your time
If you are interested you can add me on battlenet andrew#24396


Hi Hardtoshot.

I’ve added your Btag for a chat about you and your goals, i hope you take the time and maybe we can align something

Sincerely Podolskí