[H] [Draenor] <Just Awful> 7/10HC Recruiting for Mythic Roster

Just Awful

Who are we?

Just Awful was founded by a group of friends who have been playing world of warcraft as far back as vanilla, who have been playing together on and off since Warlords of Draenor. Typically joining other people’s guilds, we now feel we can provide a raiding environment that is both relaxed and progression orientated.

The majority of us have had at least some recent Cutting Edge raiding experience, with multiple officers experienced in leading a guild to Cutting Edge.

Raid Schedule

Wednesday : 8:00pm-23:00pm ST
Thursday : 8:00pm-23:00pm ST
Sunday : 8:00pm-23:00pm ST

(Additional optional raid days early progress)

Wednesday will primarily focus on reclear, Thursday & Sunday main progress nights.

Additional optional raids on off nights as social/alt runs will be announced in the future.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for active players with high (90%) levels of attendance availability who want to push themselves and the team to be the best it can be.

We expect our raiders to have a strong understanding of how their class works, or at least be unafraid to ask questions and find out the information for themselves with assistance.

We need raiders who can work easily as part of a team, and provide both provide and receive feedback.

Currently accepting all expectional applications, high priority for Shadow Priest & Demonology/Destruction Warlock.

Apply at: https://apply.justawful.uk/
(Alternate link: https://forms.gle/CBLPb9r3AtBHqZmR8)


Arkhaana - Krys’ara#7789
Windfjord - Jonas#1596

For recent news please visit: https://justawful.uk/

We are open to all classes, however high priority for the following

Monk: WW
Warlock: Demo/Destro
Paladin: Holy
Priest: Shadow/Holy/Disc