[H] [Draenor] Late Night Raiding Guild <Centurion> 6/10Mythic - Recruiting for 9.1

Centurion is a late night raiding guild created by cutting edge players at the beginning of Shadowlands.

The aim of Centurion is to be one of the premier late night raiding guilds on a 3 night a week schedule with the goal of achieving CE in 9.1, after a hiatus we are looking for members to help bolster the raid team ready for Mythic content.

Mythic raiding experience is it not always necessarily required. We are aware there are skilled HC raiders out there who may not have had the chance to progress through Mythic. Well now is your chance!

Raid Schedule

We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday - 22.00 - 01.00 Server time.

What we expect from you

Availability to attend all 3 weekly raids
A character that is full equipped for raiding (Gemmed, Enchanted, Potions/Flasks, Food)
Preparation prior to the raid, including but not limited to ensuring you have read up boss tactics, ensuring all addons are up to date, etc.
The ability to communicate over Discord where required during a raid
Addons - Boss Mods (Bigwigs/DBM), RCLootCouncil, Exorsus Raid Tools and Weakauras.

What you can expect from us

A dedicated and relaxed raid environment
Friendly and active community who help each other
Social content such as M+, BGs and Achievement Runs

Recruitment Status

Tanks - Closed
Melee - Monk, Rogue
Ranged - All
Healers - Disc Priest, Holy Pala, Resto Druid and Mistweaver Monk

Social members and Levellers are more than welcome, we also have many players who actively take part in M+ and PVP Content.

If you are interested, please get in touch with one of the contacts below:-

Guild Master - Arxi#2448
Officer - Shugaa#21552
Officer - Sparkster#2690

We look forward to fighting alongside you in 9.1!