[H] [Draenor] LATE NIGHT raiding guild recruiting for 9.1


Horde Late Night Progression Guild @ Draenor (EU) looking for new recruits; primarily ranged dps however all applications will be reviewed.


  • Ny’alotha : 12/12 M
  • Castle Nathria : 6/10 M

When do we raid? :

10.30pm-1am server time (2 nights a week) on Wednesday, Thursday

About us :

-We are mature guild raiding late night in a laid back and chilled atmosphere.

-Offering Horde late night EU Mythic progression, regular HC raids, and M+ groups

-Always looking for active members to be part of our growing late night community, reason why, we also recruit socials so if you find our raid times suit you please get in touch.
Contact :


bump & update

We need more ranged dps :slightly_smiling_face:

Bump! 1 melee 2 ranged needed :slight_smile:

WTB more dps :wink:

shameless bump

Need a healer
Currently 3/10M

Still here, looking for rdps :slight_smile: