[H] - Draenor LF Guild

Veteran wow player from vanilla, have considerable raid leading experience across expansions and raid tiers.

Moved from US to EU - Looking for a raiding guild with raid times at around 7 PM Server and 2-3 days a week to progress through SoD Mythic.

Role : Melee DPS, Can Tank as well if required.

Would be great to get a response, you can reach me on

Discord - Faceroll#3131
Bnet - Faceroll#21397

Ive added you on discord :slight_smile:

Not sure if you’re still looking but we have Sylvanas nearly down, 60% consistently now, still looking for some more dps for our roster.

Chill raids where we like joke about between pulls and get bosses down!

You can contact our GM directly Yalaia#9966 (Discord) or Kayyyne#2448.

If you could provide some decent logs before contacting us we can bring you into the raids much quicker :slight_smile:

Join our general Discord: 3cswy4xEcK