[H] Draenor <Peculiar> BoD 9/9 M, LF DPS

(LephĂ­sto) #41

Still looking for 2x Healers Priest / Shaman / Paladin

(Ariem) #42

bump :grinning:

(LephĂ­sto) #43

bump LF 4 DPS


Still looking for motivated DPS’rs!

(LephĂ­sto) #45

We are LF 2 DPS, Shadow Priest / Retri Paladin / Warrior / Elemental Shaman

(Ariem) #46

up up :joy:

(LephĂ­sto) #47

If you are capable and motivated player, please apply for trial on our website.

(Lynlarae) #48

How is the server holding up i read about AH lagging and login queue issues!