[H] [Draenor] <Penance> Recruiting for mythic progress

[Penance] is a semi hc / casualish raiding guild with a solid core of long-term friends.

With a late start to the expansion, we are currently 10/10 heroic, and looking to expand our roster, with a goal of going as far into mythic as possible.

What we can offer

  • A mature, relaxed, and banter-filled raid atmosphere
  • Active and social discord server pretty much around the clock.
  • Other activities besides raiding. M+ on almost daily basis, occasional PvP, achievement runs etc.

We are looking for

  • Like-minded, dependable people willing to learn and progress on steady pace.
  • We expect raiders to show up in time and prepared.
  • Previous heroic/mythic experience is a big plus but not mandatory. We are looking for the player behind the character.

We are open to all classes and roles.

Our Raid times are Wed/Sun 20-23 ST with optional alt/social run on Mondays.

Socials also very welcome.

Caught your interest? Throw a message to one of our officers:
GM/RL: Gyroko#7194
Officers: Coutsi#5708 or Barbymeister#6373



EDIT: We’re pretty much full on DPS Demon hunters. Applications still welcome :sunny:

We are currently 10/10 Hc and forming for Mythic. We are looking for extra Tank, Heal and DPS.