[H-Draenor] Primevals | 2-Day Guild | DPS Wanted with Mythic Ambitions!

I added you on Bnet! Let’s have a chat!

Healer spots filled, but still got room for DPS!

Added you on bnet! :slight_smile:

Hi guys, would love to have a chat on Bnet. Add me! Mdkv#21958

Added you! :slight_smile:

We still have more room for a few more DPS to fill out the team roster! Hope you’ll consider us!

Hey dude, I’d be interested in a chat if you’re still on the hunt for some DPS - add me on BNet if you are Adion#2981

Added you! Let’s have a chat :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I am the main tank. We’re still recruiting dps for DF. Come one come all :wink: thank you to everyone who has shown interest already. Can’t wait to play with you all in DF.

Slots are getting filled! If you wanna come be a Chad gamer, with fellow Chad gamers, hit us up!

We’re still accepting a few more deeps! Pre patch is soon upon us, so come meet your new guildies before release!

Got room for another tank ?:slight_smile:

Hey, got room for another dps?
Returning player to the game, will be playing evoker.
Haven’t really played most of shadowlands past the launch where I did clear CN normal and I tihnk we went 7/10 hc before life got in the way.
Last xpac I really actively played and raided was legion on a mage.

Happy to have a chat etc

We are currently only looking for 1 DH DPS! 3 days out from raiding, let’s have a chat!

We are back to recruiting! You can find the needs on the main post up there ^

Still looking for a few more ranged DPS to bolster the roster, as we look to get into mythic progression after we’ve achieved this season’s curve!

Great guild to be part of. Great atmosphere, message one of the officers now!

We have more slots for ranged DPS open!

We’ve got 1 more spot open for a ranged DPS, come and get it!

I would like to join!