[H] [Draenor] <Reality> 11/11HC raiding guild is recruiting!

[H] 11/11HC raiding guild is recruiting!

Progression: 11/11HC
Raid Times: 20.00 - 23.00 ST
Raid Schedule: Wednesday & Thursday.

A friendly and active guild with tons of banter, M+ and raids, that formed back in the beginning of BFA. Now rebuilding our raiding roster for Season 4 and Dragonflight! Our plan is to clear HC every tier and then start Mythic.

Our main priority is to have a good time while raiding, but we do expect a certain level of performance when you come to raid. Your experience does not matter nearly as much as your willingness to learn and improve. We expect you to know the basics of your class, come equipped with any consumables and enchants that you need and keep your character up to date. We’re not elitists but we do value progression and performance. We strive to make our raids as relaxed as possible while also maintaining a progression oriented environment.

Recruitment is open for:

Ranged DPS:
Elemental Shaman
Balance druid
Shadow Priest

If this sounds like the guild for you please contact any of the officers in-game for a chat, these are:

Franxy / Jun
Scrips / Foulflesh

Or just drop a message below!

Hello there, I am a MW monk looking for a raiding guild for dragonflight. I have a shaman alt and a warlock that i played from legion to bfa. Let me know!

Hello there,

I’m a returning player with BM Hunter and interested in joining your guild. I also got DK (Frost/Blood) as well as a mage and warlock. Also, I’m already on Draenor and can move as soon as I get accepted.

Let me know if I could join.

Thank you.