[H] Draenor returning player LF a raiding / dungeon guild


Hi there,

Im a fairly new player and dinged 120 last weekend. Im feeling kinda lost as too what to do in the game and would love to get a nice raiding / dungeon guild with a discord server and such.

Im 33 years old (young) and from the Netherlands. Perhaps there is a nice guild out there for me to get back into the current content. I do have some exp for past expansions HC WotLK, HC Cata, HC/M warlords. Did not play Legion.

Edit: was on other account therefor no achievements.

kind regards, Paul !


Hello there Magrichad! If you are willing to switch, we may be the guild for you! We are Solar Noctis on Frostwhisper/Zenedar/Bladefist cluster! We are a casual guild looking to expand our roster! We currently have a calendar full of events, from m+, raiding and levelling nights! There’s something for everyone to get involved in! If you like the sound of us and have anymore questions, please add me to battle tag!! :smiley: Luctish#1984


Heya Magrichad! If you’d consider moving/rerolling then our chilled out guild on Magtheridon server could be the one for you! We raid, run lots of M+ of various levels, do social events and have an active Discord server for keeping in touch and making announcements and generally having a laugh :smiley:

We have lots of lovely guildies who are happy to help each other out with all aspects of the game!
We run normal and heroic raids and welcome new/returning players who wanna get into current content, down some bosses and have FUN!

Give me a shout if you’d like to know more and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!
Discord: Tea003#8087
BNet: Tea003#2501


Hi there! I know the feeling, it can be pretty daunting getting settled in, I’ve only been back just over a year myself after a 6 year break! We’d love to talk to you if you’re interested!

We are Raiders of Rohan (Zenedar/Bladefist/Frostwhisper), and you’re welcome either as a raider or a social. We run mythics every day, our Discord channel is active and, if you have any interest in raiding, we raid on Wednesdays and Sundays.

If you’re interested, feel free to add me on battlenet, my ID is GillRLister#2659



It’s nice too see some reply’s even if some are copy/pasta’s. But im not moving servers… I see no reason to do so as a fresh 120 on a good pop server.

So please don’t ask me too move :smiley:


That’s fair enough! I hope you find a guild that you’re happy in :smiley: