[H] [Draenor] Temporary Solution lf dps and a dps with heal OS

Hey there,

Our goal for Season 4 is more chill than actual progress. We will start with all 3 raids on normal and then move on to hc and clear them for achievements and Jelly Cat mount.

If we happen to have 20 motivated ppl, we will also go back to mythic, but our focus right now is more of a chill end of xpac raid with our guild :slight_smile:

Our raid days are Wed + Sun 20:30 -23 ST

What are we looking for:

  • dps
  • dps with heal OS

We are a laid back guild with no toxicity and a relaxed environment.
You sould still be:
-properly geared
-be able to use Discord
-be able to take critisizm
-want to improve
-be able to play mechanics
-be prepared for the raid nights (with consumables and fully enchanted etc.)

In the next expansion we will be progressing mythic again, but until then we just gonna chill and enjoy some time together. We have quite an active discord and do keys together besides raids.

(Alliance and cross realm also weclome for Season 4 :slight_smile: )

Add me:
Battlenet: Rikachan#2491
Discord: Rikachan#0256

Need more ppl for season 4, finally got a date!

In need of more dps for a relaxed season 4 :smiley:

Still need some more dps for a chill Season 4 :smiley:

Need more dps for our raid :smiley:

Hey, Added u on Bnet and Discord :slight_smile: lets talk

In need of more dps especially ranges and a dps with a solid heal OS for our nice hc raids :smiley:

Need more dps for the rest of season 4 and DF :smiley:

need more dps for our raids and for DF

Always need more dps players that fit into our guild :smiley:

Still looking for more dps for the rest of season 4 and for DF

In dire need of warlocks :smiley:

Need more dps for the rest of season 4 and DF

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